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Addresses and contacts

Addresses and contacts

Official store of the Bolshoi Theater

Russia, Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street, 4, Building 2

The Bolshoi Souvenir Shop opens its doors inside the building before the presentation starts and works until its end.

How to get there

Mokhovaya Street

If you are driving along Mokhovaya Street, then you need to move in the direction of Theater Square or from the side of ul. Vozdvizhenka, either from the street. Maroseika, and then turn onto Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street and drive about 150 m.

Tverskaya Sreet

You need to go along Tverskaya Street towards the center (the intersection of Mokhovaya Street and Teatralny Proezd). Then you should turn onto Teatralnyy Proezd and then turn onto Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street. The theater building is located about 150 meters from the Theater Passage.

Petrovka Street

You need to go along Petrovka Street in the direction of Teatralny Proezd, then drive along Teatralny Proezd towards the street. Tverskaya. After about 170 m there will be a turn on the street. Big Dmitrovka. You need to drive about 150 m to the theater building.

The building of the New Stage of the Bolshoi Theater is located near the Teatralnaya Station (exit to the Bolshoi Theater) or Okhotny Ryad (exit in the direction of Theater Square). Pay attention to the signs in the subway. After exiting the metro you will need to walk about 150 m along Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street.

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